The Scientist (Part 1)

I’ve been the editorial intern at The Scientist for a month, and it has been a super fun whirlwind. Here are my compiled clips from that first month:

News (reported under embargo):
Autophagy’s Role in Alzheimer’s
Computational Chemistry Wins Nobel
Fossilized Mosquito Blood Meal
Next Generation: Cells Communicate with Light

Behavior Briefs (roundups of recent behavioral research):
27 September 2013
8 October 2013

Nutshells (similar to blogposts, these summaries link to reports elsewhere):
Traces of Life
That New Baby Smell
Genius Life Scientists Get Grants
Obituary of Nobel Laureate David Hubel
Ballet Brain
A Hole in the Head
Bacteria Trade Genes
Prehistoric Pollen
RNAi Remedy Lowers Cholesterol
On Women Studying STEM
Fecal Pills
Controlling Cockroaches
Open Data Helps Citations
Clinical Silence
On Point
Useless Peer Review?
Ada Lovelace Day
Ketamine Alternative Shows Promise
Understanding Cats

The Health of Juice and Smoothies

The story, which is sometimes behind a paywall.

The video of me talking about the story from a segment of Chicago Tribune Live.

What a fun day this was!

EDIT 8:54 pm: Apparently if you tweet a story, it’s not longer behind a paywall (according to my awesome mentor Julie Deardorff). Thank you for the tweet and the tip, Julie!