Highlights from The Scientist

Gut Microbes Linked to Neurodegenerative Disease, 1 December 2016
Tasmanian Devils Developing Resistance to Transmissible Cancer, 30 August 2016
Does Brain Training Work? 21 April 2014
Have Herpes, Will Travel, 1 April 2014

Highlights from The Chicago Tribune

Science jury still out on human placenta consumption, 15 August 2013
Dolphins have long memories for old acquaintances, 11 August 2013
Scientists testing Lake Michigan for microplastic pollution, 7 August 2013
Scientists put Chicago River’s trash under the microscope4 August 2013

Highlights from elsewhere

Science Communication Training at Duke, Duke Initiative for Science & Society, 14 June 2016
Evolution audio teaser
, created to promote Periodic Tables—Durham’s Science Café, 19 January 2016
So you want to be a science writer? Guest post for Vanderbilt’s Biomedical Research Education & Training Career Development Blog, 12 January 2015

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