The Scientist (Part 4)

I am coming down the home stretch of this internship, and just as I get in the swing of things, I have to get ready to leave. And so it goes.

Epigenetics of Regeneration
Protein Function Refuted
Phil Baran: Molecule Magician
New School

Capturing the Body’s Energy
Cancer Cell Protein Profiling
Settlement Signal

Genome Digest (8 January 2014)
Behavior Brief (13 January 2014)
Behavior Brief (29 January 2014)

Nutshells (similar to blog posts, these summaries link to reports elsewhere):
Really Bad Breath
Petunia pH
Understanding Exercise
First North American H5N1 Death
GeneLink Settles
Toxin Evolution
Flight Plan
Fixing Fearful Memories
Person-to-Person H7N9?
Visualizing X Chromosome Inactivation
Schizophrenia’s Intracacies
Fish of Many Colors
New River Dolphin
Gamers Solve RNA Structures
Inner Neanderthal


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