The Scientist (Part 5)

I’ve officially stopped working for TS, though I am still finishing up a story and have some others coming up in the April issue. I already miss the virtual newsroom, and I am so thankful for what I learned over the past five months!

Discovering Archaea, 1977
Early Evidence
Path Finding

News and Roundups:
Skin-to-Liver Cell Shortcut
Imaging the Canine Brain
Behavior Brief
Genome Digest

Nutshells (like blog posts, with links to other coverage elsewhere):
New Bird Flu Threat?
Not Seeing is Hearing?
Triglyceride Clock
Molecular Motors
Genetic Atlas
Not Swine Flu
Obituary for Alison Jolly
Imaging Musical Improv
Paralyzing Illness
A Wine Bacterium’s Proteome
Dad’s Contribution


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